This place is COOL!

concept: Let it Be! art agency, noppa design

Az This Place is COOL! project is an interactive city history based mapping system. The various elements of this city-scale installation come together to form a map which marks various places with interesting histories, sites which we don’t really notice during the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. The prototype was unveiled at the  Bánkitó Festival in 2014, and later on found a permanent home at Rombusz Terasz. In 2015 the concept was selected in Ferencváros Community Foundation‘s open application called „This land is merely a map” and gained opportunity to create 4 pins in the 9th district. In 2017 Szimplakert ordered one new pin to Erzsébet district and Budapest Corvinus University in collaboration with PLACCC Festival 2 more to Ferencváros.

References: Bánkitó, Rombusz Terrace, Brauch butcher’s, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Élesztő House, Markusovszky square, ph21 gallery, A10 magazine, LoCloud Norway, PLACCC Festival, Budapsti Corvinus Egyetem, Szimplakert

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